Dr. Andrea Iglesias

CEO/Executive Director andrea@urbanhp.org

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Dr. Andrea Iglesias joined Urban Health Partnerships as the Interim Executive Director in 2016, became Executive Director in 2017 and  has been serving as the CEO since January 2019. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and brings experience as a clinician, outreach and community engagement director, administrator, consultant, and teacher. She has held leadership positions at universities, in state and national associations, and as the principal of a diversity and inclusion consulting firm. Additionally she is an adjunct professor at the University of Miami. Through her background in clinical psychology, Andrea has had the privilege of witnessing thousands of individuals’ stories. She has worked to translate the insight and voices from these lived experiences, along with research and best practices in clinical and community psychology, to co-design   culturally informed practices, policies, and programs to foster healthier and more inclusive communities. Andrea has a special interest in increasing mental and emotional well-being, equity, and improving the quality of life of all communities.


Isabel Rovira

Co-Founder/COO isabel@urbanhp.org

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Isabel Rovira is a co-founder and the COO, acting as the Director of Operations and Finance for UHP. She holds a Master’s in Public Health with experience in the public health sector, non-profit sector, and has also worked with governmental agencies. Isabel has experience in managing programs, grant writing and administration, and operations and administration for several organizations. She manages the Age-Friendly Initiative (AFI) and is passionate about creating safe and healthy spaces or all residents. Isabel has worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, and with other health related organizations in South Florida. Isabel has extensive experience in meeting planning and educational programming. Isabel is also a managing partner in UHP’s parent company, Urban Health Solutions.

Laurie Fucini-Joy

Director of Transportation Engineering & Planning laurie@urbanhp.org

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Laurie Fucini-Joy holds a Civil Engineering degree from Florida State University, and has over 15 years of experience working on transportation related projects, a decade of which was with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). Prior to joining Urban Health, Laurie, worked for 8 years in Boston, MA. As a project manager, she was instrumental in providing guidance on the federal process from the planning through the construction stages on a variety of roadway and transit projects. Her work includes partnerships with State DOTs, Regional Transit Authorities, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, and Project Management Oversight Contractors. Her experience includes providing stakeholders with requirements on federal programs such as funding sources, grant development, discretionary program requirements, accessibility requirements, and construction inspection. In 2014, Laurie joined the Urban Health team and has been leading the implementation of policy, systems, and environmental changes related to Complete Streets. Her focus is to continue to engage community members and governmental staff on the need for modal diversity in communities and its impacts on health. Integrated in her work is her passion for safe and efficient transit that is accessible by all and she looks forward to being a part of transit expansion in South Florida.

Jennifer Cheek

Planning and Community Development Program Manager jen@urbanhp.org

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Jen joined Urban Health Partnerships as the Planning and Community Development Program Manager in March 2020. Prior to joining UHP, Jen served as Executive Director of the Farmers Market Coalition for seven years, working to measure, document and publicize the triumphs of farmers markets, while responding to the training, networking, and advocacy needs of the growing farmers market community. Before FMC, Jen worked at the design and urban planning firm AECOM, where she collaborated with numerous municipalities and government agencies to create civic meeting spaces, preserve natural areas, and design parks and gardens all over the U.S. She worked closely with community stakeholders to research and distill data, build consensus, create educational materials, and craft plans and policies. She holds a Master of Urban and Environmental Planning degree from the University of Virginia, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan.

Arely B. Lozano Cantu

Arely B. Lozano Cantu

Health and Community Development Program Manager arely@urbanhp.org

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Arely B. Lozano Cantu joined UHP as the Health and Community Development Program Manager in November 2018. She possesses over 7 years experience in community organizing, grass-roots approaches in education and research, management and development, community health, and in programming support and solutions. Having gained her skills through grass-roots organizing, youth and justice advocacy, and professional community and public health work, she holds a strong passion for amplifying resident voices and building, developing, and supporting strategic and impactful ideas, projects, programs, and initiatives aimed at improving health-empowerment and opportunities in underserved communities. Arely leads the Food For All Broward Initiative and oversees the Live Healthy Little Havana Initiative. Arely is fluently bilingual and holds a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies and a M.A. in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a focus on Food Justice and Health in communities of color.

Susan Holtzman

Age-Friendly Program Manager susan@urbanhp.org

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Susan O’Mahoney Holtzman is the Age-Friendly Program Manager for UHP.  She holds a Master’s in Gerontology from the University of Massachusetts McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies with experience in addressing health and societal issues for older adults. Her experience in aging population issues includes working with associations, county government and municipalities.  Susan has a background in medical education and medical business and has worked with hospitals and health systems all over the United States and with clinicians from all over the world.  She is passionate about the opportunity for innovation that exists with the advent of a larger older adult population now and in the future.

Jesse Cosme

Outreach and Training Coordinator jesse@urbanhp.org

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Jesse joined UHP as the Training and Outreach Coordinator in January 2020. He recently graduated from the University of Florida with his Masters degree in Sustainable Development Practice and he has a Bachelors degree in Sports Management. His Masters field practicum work focused on social movement collaboration among the Puerto Rico trans-national community during economic crisis and natural disaster recovery. Some of his focuses at the University of Florida were the intersects of gender and masculinity, colonization, migration, collaboration, social movements, and class antagonisms. He has 6 years of direct community organizing experience in Florida, most of that experience being concentrated in Broward County. During that time he has organized work around anti-incarceration, over-policing, anti-war, homelessness, gender, race, affordable housing, tenant empowerment, and working class and labor empowerment.

Sally Pope-Smyth

Evaluation Coordinator sally@urbanhp.org

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Sally Pope-Smyth has been working with UHP in a consultant role since 2013 and joined the team in 2019 as the Evaluation Coordinator. She holds a Masters of Public Health from New York University where she concentrated in International and Community Health. Sally has over 7 years of experience working in the field of public health on projects related to health equity in the built environment, women’s health literacy, and climate change. She brings her technical skills of monitoring and evaluation, project management, health impact assessment design and implementation to the UHP team. Sally is passionate about using monitoring and evaluation to tell the story about the impact of the built environment on the health and vitality of communities and to help stakeholders work smarter for maximum outputs. Sally leads the design and implementation of evaluations across a range of UHP projects, including Live Healthy Little Havana, Activate Overtown and Live Healthy Miami Gardens.

Alba Rubio

Administrative and Communications Specialist alba@urbanhp.org

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Alba Rubio joined UHP as the Administrative and Communications Specialist in March of 2018. Alba holds a Master of Global Strategic Communications degree from Florida International University, and a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Music Business from Berklee College of Music. She possesses over 9 years of experience in event planning, content creation, communications, marketing, creative, and programming work. Having earned experience through non-profit, music advocacy, and creative project management, she holds a strong passion for connecting her skills to help empower underserved communities. Alba engages and updates the UHP communicative platforms for all initiatives and provides both administrative and communications support to the UHP Board of Directors and staff.

Elizabeth Howard

Healthy Policies Project Assistant beth@urbanhp.org

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Beth began working for UHP in January 2020 as the Healthy Policies Project Assistant. She is currently on leave from her career as a Foreign Service Officer at the U.S. Department of State and is enrolled full time at the University of Miami in the Community and Social Change Masters Program. Beth has over 10 years of experience working with communities overseas and with government agencies. Her work includes policy coordination for a civil society program, co-designed by the participants, that provided them with technology skills to address challenges in their communities. Her academic and professional interests are focused on how governments can support community-led change. She has a Master’s in International Management and a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, with minors in Public Leadership and Linguistics from the University of Maryland.

Ebony Harris

Miami Gardens Community Liaison ebony@urbanhp.org

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Ebony joined UHP as a Community Liaison in October of 2019. Ebony Harris has spent her adult life nurturing children through self-created programs that emphasize educational growth, daily living skills, and positive self-affirmations. As a City of Miami Gardens resident, her main objective as a Community Liaison is to continue to advocate for safe and conducive environments for Miami-Dade County students.

Teara Jackson

Miami Gardens Community Liaison teara@urbanhp.org

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Teara joined UHP as a Community Liaison in June of 2020. Teara Letreace is a Black creative, native to Miami who approaches life and work with a passion for social justice, literature, and wellness. Growing up in North Miami and now residing in Miami Gardens, as a mother and advocate of a teen with Down Syndrome, she values the importance of ensuring underserved communities have access to inclusive wellness and educational programs and resources. Teara has over 10 years experience in event planning, community organizing and advocating, possessing an assertive hands-on work experience and social-minded communication style, along with a fun and focused work ethic. Currently pursuing certifications in Forrest and Restorative Yoga, her intention is to spark conversations about social justice, on and off the mat. Teara is dedicated to providing communities safe and healing spaces to grow in, while acquiring tools to empower individuals in their self-care practices.

Herman McLean

Miami Gardens Community Liaison herman@urbanhp.org

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Herman joined UHP as a Community Liaison in June of 2020. Herman McLean Jr is a highly skilled Licensed Mental Health Therapist, who has made his life’s purpose at bettering his community as well as other communities and the nation at large. Herman began working in a Psycho-Social Rehabilitation center as an Advocate and has been working within the clinical setting for over the past 10 years. As a graduate from St Thomas University, Herman has had the privilege of learning from some of the most innovative and knowledgeable therapist/educators to represent their respective areas of expertise. Herman’s interaction with various relational systems has led him to be curious enough to pursue a DMFT Doctoral Degree in Marriage and Family at Nova Southeastern University. Herman has experience working with issues including but not limited to: depression, anger, substance use, couples, and psychodynamic groups, for multiple age groups. Currently, as the Clinical Director of a Community Mental Health Organization, “Community Connections For Life”, Herman began to fulfill his purpose by challenging the ways in which therapy is viewed and it’s the accessibility to communities much like his own. Herman’s drive as a therapist comes with the premise of providing clients with a safe therapeutic environment, gaining insight and self-awareness, the ability to be expressive without judgment. “Through curiosity and discovery, we can begin to build and forge your new narrative”.

Adonis Romero

Overtown Community Liaison adonis@urbanhp.org

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Adonis joined UHP as a Community Liaison in October of 2019. Adonis is currently an engineering student, studying at Miami-Dade College. He has over four years of experience in community organizing and working with various organizations in South Florida and across the State, such as PowerU Center For Social Change, FL Student Power, Dream Defenders, The HOMY Collective, and others across the country. As a resident of Overtown, he is passionate about participating in programs to help make his community a better place to live, as well as providing opportunities for those who reside there, with a focus on the youth. His background has provided him a great understanding of community engagement, which goes hand-in-hand being a Community Liaison. 

Tranell Harris

Overtown Community Liaison tranell@urbanhp.org

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Tranell joined UHP as a Community Liaison in October of 2019. Tranell Harris was born and raised in Miami, FL. She has four children, three boys and one girl. She previously worked in the Transportation Department of the Miami Dade County School Board for 16 years. Currently, Tranell works for a non-profit organization called Suited for Success. Tranell is passionate in helping individuals overcome tragic obstacles. As an Activate Overtown Community Liaison, Tranell hopes to work with organizations that seek to give back.  

Cecilia Stewart

Overtown Community Liaison cecilia@urbanhp.org

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Cecilia joined UHP as a Community Liaison in March of 2020. Cecilia Stewart, a native Miamian, and proud Overtown resident, is an Activate Overtown Community Liaison. Ms. Stewart is a graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC, where she earned the Bachelor of Science, and Master of Science Degrees. Ms. Stewart is actively serving as a Community Advocate, Organizer and Spokesperson of the Overtown Neighbors for Environmental Health and Safety, and member of the City of Miami Community Advisory Board. She held the position of Chair of the Overtown Advisory Board and the Historic Hampton House Community Trust, Inc., Board of Trustees. Ms. Stewart is devoting time to preserving and celebrating Miami’s history as Chair of the Miami-Dade County Historic Preservation Board and member of the Lemon City Cemetery Community Corporation. She serves as the City of Miami Police Department’s Liaison for the Neighborhood Crime Watch Team and Citizens on Patrol in the Overtown community.