Live Healthy Miami Gardens

Live Healthy Miami Gardens

About Live Healthy Miami Gardens

Live Healthy Miami Gardens (LHMG) aims to foster and maintain a community culture of health and well-being for all residents of the city through access, information, activities and services. LHMG works to develop and implement community-level strategies to address 5 focus areas: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD); Healthy Eating and Improved Nutrition; Mental Health; Physical Activity; and Primary Health Care.

UHP has worked closely with the LHMG Physical Activity Health Impact Team to lead in the identification of policy, system, and built and social environmental changes that can help increase physical activity and improve the health of Miami Gardens residents.

Live Healthy Miami Gardens is an initiative aimed at making this vibrant neighborhood a healthier place to live. The initiative, which launched in 2014, focuses on bringing the community together, following a strategic plan of action, increasing coordination, and making change that improves the health of Miami Gardens residents. The City of Miami Gardens is the primary coordinator of the project. Health Foundation of South Florida, a nonprofit grantmaking organization, is providing the project up to $3.75 million in support over the first six years of the initiative. For more information on Live Healthy Miami Gardens, visit: http://livehealthymiamigardens.com/.

About the Funder

The mission of Health Foundation of South Florida is to invest in and be a catalyst for collaborations, policy and systems change that improves the health of South Florida communities, with a focus on vulnerable, low to moderate income populations. Established in 1993, the nonprofit foundation has awarded over $125 million to nonprofits providing programs and services in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.For more information, visit hfsf.org and follow @HealthSFL.

Master Mobility Plan

The first phase of the Master Mobility plan was to create a list of pedestrian and bicycle projects that would increase active transportation options throughout the City. The process produced a list of prioritized mobility projects and static mapping for the City to implement.

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a development plan in partnership with Live Healthy Miami Gardens. SRTS provides support to key schools in Miami Gardens: Hibiscus Elementary, Rainbow Park Elementary, Carol City Middle, and North County K-8) to address the 5Es: Engineering, Encouragement, Enforcement, Education, and Evaluation. The plan was finalized, and in this phase of the project, multiple outcomes would be to work with schools and partners on the implementation of the strategies in the plan. The idea would be to implement a range of strategies within multiple categories of the 5Es for at least 3 of the schools that participated in the development of the plan. For example, within the evaluation category, an outcome would be conduct walking audits to determine exist conditions and student/parent experiences. The information collected would be incorporated into the implementation of strategies presented in the other 5E categories with one of the highlights being a tactical urbanism project where we install wayfinding, sidewalk decals, and/or other elements to start to create a safer environment for students.

Community Liaisons

UHP has led community liaison (CL) programs in communities throughout South Florida, and in the Live Healthy Miami Gardens project 3 CLs have been obtained through a leadership stipend that are residents of Miami Gardens that will act as bike/walk community coordinators. The residents will help advance the work and sustain the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program over the long term. The community coordinators will be trained and work side-by-side with the UHP team in the implementation of the SRTS strategies.