Community Liaison Framework


Urban Health Partnerships (UHP) works to build the capacity of local organizations, institutions, and government entities to develop and sustain the Community Liaison Framework to better integrate resident voice into their decision-making and programmatic efforts. UHP offers technical assistance, supervision, training and engagement support to guide and assist these processes.

UHP’ Community Liaison (CL) Framework emphasizes the need for systems changes to increase community engagement and integration in decision making processes. It strengthens community networks to positively affect and improve the health and overall well-being of community members. 

As a social justice strategy, CLs are community members who are paid for their time. Residents’ expertise should be honored and valued just as much as technical knowledge. We also cannot assume or expect that individuals have the financial ability to volunteer their time. This professional and personal development opportunity should be available to everyone. 

Through the CL Framework, Community Liaisons:

  1. Receive professional development, one-on-one support and guidance in all their activities so they can pursue opportunities to be leaders for change in their communities. This may include being hired by local government and organizations. 
  2. Utilize community participation tools and theories such as community action planning, policy, systems, and environmental change approaches, surveys, audits, and assessments, among others.
  3. Understand and explain the impact of social determinants of health in community health and well-being and activate sustainable change around related issues.
  4. Conduct culturally and context-specific engagement with community members and stakeholders.
  5. Advocate for changes in their community. 
  6. Support community mobilization by activating community networks to increase participation, empowerment, and advocacy around issues in the community.
  7. Co-design and implement projects and collaborations.

You can learn more about the CL Framework in our Quick Guide HERE and by viewing the case example HERE.

For an example of the CL Framework in action at UHP, check out the Una Comunidad Conectada project HERE.

Support the Community Liaison Framework!

UHP is raising funds to support our Community Liaison Framework. The CL Framework is a tested model for citizen-centered engagement in government and community initiatives. Donate and be a part of the community empowerment movement with UHP!

View the Community Engagement Playbook

This Community Engagement Playbook is a guide for government agencies and organizations who want to commit to authentic engagement and integration of community members in decision and change-making efforts. Centered on the implementation of a network of Community Liaisons, the playbook shares a step by step approach to institutionalizing authentic, ongoing community engagement.