Image Credit: Kiwibot on Instagram

Have you seen the new food delivery service run by a robot? Kiwibots are autonomous delivery robots currently delivering food in the Brickell area as part of a pilot project testing new mobility solutions in Miami-Dade County. Today our Community Liaisons took a stroll to the Brickell area to experience the Kiwibot for themselves, so that they can reflect on how this technology might integrate into their own communities. We had Community Liaison representatives from Overtown, Sweetwater, and Homestead try out the delivery robots. See below for a couple of statements from the Community Liaisons’ experiences:

Raquel, our Community Liaison representing Overtown remarked that delivery robots are “a great idea for a lot of the people in Overtown without transportation.”

Carmen, our Community Liaison representing Sweetwater said “I liked it, it was very interesting. It was very quick compared to other food delivery services. It’s great for technology, but it is going to take away some jobs” but I know this is the way the world is moving.”