Little Havana Transit Benches

Little Havana Transit Benches

About Have a Seat

The Have a Seat project would aim to enhance the transit experience for Little Havana residents who ride the Miami-Dade County bus and City of Miami (City) trolley. Little Havana residents use public transit three times more than the general population in Miami-Dade County, but because of constraints in the right-of-way, there are many locations without a seat to wait for the service. These 15 benches will not only enhance how current transit riders move around in their community but will encourage new residents to consider transit as a transportation option. Making this small change can have a positive impact on community health and increase social connection. 

The benches that are installed would serve all of Miami-Dade, especially those in Little Havana, which has a population of over 76,000 residents. The benches would be installed throughout Little Havana, including on some of the major arterials, such as 27th Ave and 12th Ave. There are also several residential streets that the City trolley reaches that would benefit from benches. Through a recently implemented pilot project funded by AARP, Urban Health Partnerships (UHP) and the City already installed twelve narrow benches at key locations in Little Havana. UHP would utilize our experience to expand on the pilot project, to continue to improve the experience for more Little Havana residents. 

Three major steps need to occur to improve the public space and enhance the transit experience through this project. The first step is to finalize the location of the 15 benches with the assistance of community residents. Through previous work in Little Havana, several locations throughout the community have been identified, but field verification and measurements need to occur in order to submit for Public Works approval. The next critical step is gaining City approval through the adoption of a Resolution. The Resolution language from the previous project would need to be updated to reflect this new project. Coordination with the Commissioners office has begunCommissioner Carollo would then sponsor the item and request it be voted on at a Commission meeting. The third and final major step would be to order and install the benches. The City of Miami Public Works can complete the installation quickly once the work is started. 

We expect in the long-term to see increased ridership of both the bus and trolley service. The long-term impacts will also reflect how this project aligns with broader efforts to create better and healthier communities for all residents, to be more active in the community and access the things they want and need in a variety of ways. 

About Funders:

This project was made possible by the 2019 Public Space Challenge, a program of The Miami Foundation with support from Target.

The Miami Foundation partners with donors to champion their causes and improve local quality of life. Since 1967, we’ve done this by taking leadership on civic issues, investing in our community and nurturing philanthropy. Thanks to our more than 1,000 donors, we currently manage over $360 million in assets and have made almost $300 million in grants that create opportunities for residents, make Miami-Dade County more resilient and foster home-grown creativity.


We’ve heard from Little Havana residents that there is a need for a better public transportation system. While it is critical to ensure rides are reliable, things like shelters and benches can make it more comfortable while you wait. In this 2019 Public Space Challenge project, we’ll make changes based on community feedback and install narrow transit benches at locations in Little Havana with limited space. We hope this small change will make your public transportation experience a little more enjoyable.

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It’s important to advocate for a better and more efficient public transportation system in Miami! Contact your elected officials:

Miami-Dade County District 5 Commissioner Eileen Higgins (305) 375-5924 district5@miamidade.gov

City of Miami District 3 Commissioner Joe Carollo (305) 250-5380 jcarollo@miamigov.com

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Los residentes de la Pequeña Habana nos han dicho que existe la necesidad de un mejor sistema de transporte público. Mientras es importante garantizar que los viajes sean de confianza, cosas como refugios y bancos pueden hacerlo más cómodo mientras esperan en la parada del autobús. En este proyecto del 2019 Public Space Challenge, comenzaremos a realizar cambios basados en los comentarios de la comunidad para instalar bancos de espera en las paradas de transporte público. Esperamos que este pequeño cambio haga que su experiencia de transporte público sea un poco más agradable.

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¡Es importante abogar por un sistema de transporte público mejor y más eficiente en Miami! Comuníquese con sus funcionarios electos:

Comisionada del Distrito 5 del Condado de Miami-Dade Eileen Higgins (305) 375-5924 district5@miamidade.gov

Joe Carollo, Comisionado del Distrito 3 de la Ciudad de Miami (305) 250-5380 jcarollo@miamigov.com

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