Community Liaisons Experience GO Connect Pilot Project, Prompting Plans to Improve the Mobile App

March 8, 2022

Last month the Community Liaisons participated in the pilot project experience of GO Connect transit service. The GO Connect pilot project is provided by Miami-Dade County and powered by Via, and allows users to reserve a ride to and from Miami-Dade transit stations and/or nearby destinations. GO Connect is currently piloting in several service areas throughout the County. The Community Liaisons navigated the GO Connect mobile app and experienced the ride for themselves, taking into consideration all aspects of the project to explore if a new mobility initiative like GO Connect could be a good fit for their community.


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Community Liaisons Test Out the Kiwibot

November 6, 2021

Community Liaisons from Little Havana and Hialeah tested out the delivery robot pilot project, Kiwibot, for themselves. Their interaction with the Kiwibot spurred a lot of discussion about how this type of technology could influence their community. 



Community Liaisons Meet the Kiwibot – Round 2

October 28, 2021

A second group of our Community Liaisons from Overtown and Miami Gardens experienced delivery robots in the midst of the busy Downtown/Brickell area. The delivery robots traveled alongside the Brickell pedestrians and their pups, carefully navigated the busy vehicle traffic as it crossed roads, and safely  made their way to our Community Liaisons to deliver their lunch orders. Read more…



Community Liaisons Meet the Kiwibot

October 26, 2021

Have you seen the new food delivery service run by a robot? Kiwibots are autonomous delivery robots currently delivering food in the Brickell area as part of a pilot project testing new mobility solutions in Miami-Dade County. Today our Community Liaisons took a stroll to the Brickell area to experience the Kiwibot for themselves,…

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