Share and Discuss New Mobility Technology Ideas for Miami-Dade County!

How could delivery robots like Kiwibot best serve you or your community?

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Miami-Dade County is launching a new mobility initiative and we’d love to hear from you! In collaboration with Urban Health Partnerships and Ford Mobility’s City:One team, Miami-Dade County is working on a new initiative to engage residents in the process of bringing new mobility technologies to our community.
New mobility technology includes such innovations as delivery robots, on-demand shuttles, micro-transit, and e-scooters. Miami-Dade County is piloting these new solutions, focusing on how they could be used to improve accessibility and mobility equity throughout the County. Using a variety of community engagement methods, and with the help of 16 Community Liaisons to support outreach efforts, we will compile feedback that reflects the public’s vision for how these new mobility technologies could best be used in their neighborhoods, and where concerns and potential problems may arise.
In the survey questions below, we’ll ask about your mobility and transportation experiences. Your responses will help us better design and deploy new mobility solutions to fit the needs of Miami-Dade County communities. Depending on your experiences with our mobility pilots and if you’ve taken our previous survey, the time required for this survey is between 5-20 minutes.