South Broward Community Health Hub

What is the South Broward Community Health Hub Collaboration?

The South Broward Community Health Hub (SBCHH) Collaboration engages and partners with diverse stakeholders and community members throughout south Broward to co-create and support sustainable, equitable, historically rooted, and just solutions to help improve and build sovereign and culturally appropriate local health services and food access connections for residents who are the most vulnerable. 

Urban Health Partnerships serves as the coordinating agency for the SBCHH. The shared vision for the South Broward Community Health Hub is to:


community-driven and equitable food and health access activities, services, and opportunities


and strengthen local networks and communities to produce, provide, and procure food, health, and other resources and opportunities


these opportunities and resources in ways that are accessible and inclusive of all backgrounds and abilities for an increase in physical, social, and economic well-being and success

About the Funder

The South Broward Community Health Hub collaboration aims to engage and work with local stakeholders to create solutions for residents who are food and/or health insecure. Support for the South Broward Community Health Hub has been provided by the following Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward:

• Deinhardt Charitable Fund

• Leonard & Sally Robbins Fund

• Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund

• Marlene Holder Fund for Broward

And with support from The Humana Foundation

Learn more about the Community Foundation of Broward here.

Upcoming Events

Co-Design Meeting 5 | South Broward Community Health Hub

Join us for the next co-design meeting!

When: Thursday, September 30, 2021
From: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Meeting Objectives:

During this co-design meeting, we will continue working on the 8-Step Process to Build a Successful Community Action Plan to:

analyze data and findings gathered so far

define strategies to fill in gaps to accomplish and sustain these and other solutions through the SBCHH collaboration

identify community outreach goals and define collaborative strategies with the community

learn about partner highlights – there will be an opportunity for partners to share about upcoming opportunities. Submit highlights in advance here.

We encourage all attendees to join via Zoom on your computer or through the app on your mobile phone in order to access the polls, videos, and presentations. Be prepared to engage in an interactive game activity with Kahoot! (Considering using your browser or app to play. The game pin will be provided during the meeting).


Co-Design Meeting 4 | South Broward Community Health Hub

On Thursday, July 8, 2021, South Broward Community Health Hub (SBCHH) partners came together to participate in the 4th installment of the SBCHH co-design meeting series.

Together we:

worked on the development of the Community Action Plan (CAP) that will continue to guide the implementation of this collaboration

learned about what partners are currently working on and highlighted upcoming opportunities

learned more about the Blooming Solutions (aka mini-grants) and the ways in which these and similar projects support and improve food and health access opportunities in south Broward

defined short-term goals towards accomplishing and sustaining these solutions through SBCHH during breakout groups that focused on different areas of the southern region of the county: “Community Health Action Zones” or CHAZ (i.e., Dania Beach, Hollywood and Seminole Land, Miramar and West Park, and Hallandale Beach)

The meeting materials, which include videos and PowerPoint presentations can be found below:

Co-Design Meeting 3 | South Broward Community Health Hub

On Thursday, June 3, 2021, South Broward Community Health Hub (SBCHH) partners and stakeholders participated in the Co-Design #3 meeting to work on steps 4 – 6 of the 8-Step Process to Build a Successful Community Action Plan.

SBCHH partners and stakeholders worked on:

steps 4 – 6 of the 8-Step Process to Build a Successful Community Action Plan (CAP)

reviewed and discussed findings from the first two co-design meetings

explored the actionable steps towards the change-making opportunities we are already working on and/or those that need to be created

shared upcoming opportunities and more

helped define short-term goals and next steps

The meeting materials, which include videos and PowerPoint presentations can be found below:

Co-Design Meeting 2 | South Broward Community Health Hub

On Thursday, April 29, 2021, South Broward Community Health Hub (SBCHH) partners and stakeholders joined at least one of three different sessions dedicated to taking a “deep dive” into the co-design of Steps 1 – 3 of the 8-Step Process to Build a Successful Community Action Plan (CAP). 

The deep-dive sessions were focused on:

1) Land, Retail, and Urban Agriculture
2) Faith-Based and Charitable Distribution
3) Nutrition and Health Services/Systems

During each session, participants:

• Reviewed the collective’s goals and vision
• Reviewed findings from the previous co-design meeting
• Reviewed the GIS mapping tool and assessed the collected data
• Discussed and updated the shared knowledge, gaps, and opportunities 
• Helped identify Health Action Zones where the local assets show great potential for more collective impact through the SBCHH

The meeting materials, which include videos and PowerPoint presentations can be found below:

Nutrition and Health Services/Systems

Faith-Based & Charitable Distribution

Land, Retail, & Urban Agriculture

Co-Design Meeting 1 | South Broward Community Health Hub

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, the first co-design meeting took place to continue building on collective knowledge and efforts to plan, implement and sustain the South Broward Community Health Hub. Together, the SBCHH:

• Reviewed SBCHH’s initial vision and voted to select the official logo

• Identified collective impact, policy, systems, and environmental change, and community-based leadership as the central approaches and methods to support the development of the SBCHH

• Introduced the 8-Steps to develop a successful Community Action Plan (CAP) and work on Steps 1 – 3: (Set a common goal, collect our shared knowledge, and assess our different and collective contexts and networks)

• Identified policy, systems, environmental and/or programmatic/project gaps and opportunities

Missed the meeting or would like to revisit? View the recording below and access the meeting slides here.

South Broward Community Health Hub Kick-Off Meeting

On Thursday, February 25, 2021, the South Broward Community Health Hub (SBCHH) held its kick-off meeting with community partners, stakeholders, and mini-grantees. During this meeting, information was shared about SBCHH’s collaborative efforts and plans. 

Together, we advanced conversations to ensure action is in place for south Broward residents to have proper access to food, healthcare, and other important resources to support their overall wellbeing and success.

Missed the meeting or would like to revisit? View the recording below and access the meeting slides here.

Message for Current and Potential Partners

Current Partners: If you have not already done so, please complete the SBCHH Partner Database form to help us stay connected and better inform our collaboration with the necessary information about you/your organization.

Interested in Becoming a Partner? Complete the partner form here.

Meet Our Partners

Coordinating Agency

Coordinating Support




Partners and Collaborators































Meet the Community Liaisons

Meet Community Liaison, Teara!
“I am very excited to work with south Broward community members on this project!”

Growing up in North Miami and now residing in Miami Gardens, as a mother and advocate of a teen with Down Syndrome, she values the importance of ensuring underserved communities have access to inclusive wellness and educational programs and resources.Teara has over 10 years experience in event planning, community organizing and advocating, possessing an assertive hands-on work experience and social-minded communication style, along with a fun and focused work ethic. Currently pursuing certifications in Forrest and Restorative Yoga, her intention is to spark conversations about social justice, on and off the mat. Teara is dedicated to providing communities safe and healing spaces to grow in, while acquiring tools to empower individuals in their self-care practices. Get in contact with Teara by emailing

Meet Community Liaison, Rosemary!
“I want to help my community in Miramar and people in south Broward by sharing information, resources, and opportunities that can help their health and wellbeing!”

Get in contact with Rosemary by emailing

Join the Team

We are seeking south Broward County residents as Community Liaisons (CL) that will support the development and implementation of this project. CLs must be able to commit to 25 hours per month.
Apply today! The position will remain open until filled.

South Broward Community Health Hub

Have questions about the South Broward Community Health Hub? Please contact Arely Lozano-Cantu at

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Collaborations in Action

About the South Broward Community Health Hub (SBCHH)

The South Broward Community Health Hub engages, coordinates, and partners with local stakeholders and community members to co-create sustainable, equitable, and just solutions for residents who are food and/or health insecure.

There are currently 3 SBCHH mini-grant projects in progress in South Broward. Please view more information below and check back soon for updates. (Click the image below for larger view)

Resource Center

SBCHH Meeting Resources

Access Past Meeting Recaps and Materials Here



Farmer’s Market Promotion Program (USDA) – Up to $750,000 for 1 year. The deadline to apply is Monday, June 21, 2021.

• The Nourishing Neighbors Initiative Request for Proposals – Apply for the Summer Meals Grant Program and the Connecting Families and Children to Federal Meal Programs through the Nourishing Neighbors initiative RFP of the Albertsons Companies Foundation. Register and complete the application here.

Regional Food Systems Partnerships (USDA) – Up to $1,000,000 for 2 – 3 years. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

Cooperative Agreements for Community Compost and Food Waste Reduction The deadline to apply is Friday, July 16, 2021. Up to $2 million for cooperative agreements support projects led by local governments that:

-Generate compost.

-Increase access to compost for agricultural producers.

-Reduce reliance on and limit the use of fertilizer.

-Improve soil quality.

-Encourage waste management and permaculture business development.

-Increase rainwater absorption.

-Reduce municipal food waste.

-Divert food waste from landfills.

-Priority will be given to projects that anticipate or demonstrate economic benefits, incorporate plans to make compost easily accessible to farmers, including community gardeners, integrate other food waste strategies, including food recovery efforts and collaborate with multiple partners.


YMCA Health Care Worker – Do you have a passion to help others? Do you enjoy supporting others to live a healthier lifestyle? The Y is hiring! Learn more and apply here.

Volunteer Opportunities

UF-IFAS Master Gardening Class

UF-IFAS will be certifying another class of Master Gardeners! A total of 25 candidates will be selected to participate in the Master Gardener Volunteer training program scheduled to take place virtually from February 2022 through May 2022. The class will be held on Wednesday and Saturday nights from 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM. Apply by December 2021. Click here to learn more and apply.

Questions about the Master Gardening class? Please contact Anthony Gross at (954) 756-8525 or, or Lorna Bravo at

*Alert* Sponsor a Master Gardener or Class of Master Gardeners!:

Interested in sponsoring a future Master Gardener or Class of Master Gardeners from South Broward? Contact to find ways to sponsor South Broward urban farmers and community leaders to become Certified Master Gardeners and help continue to grow urban agriculture and food justice through the South Broward Community Health Hub.

Get Involved in the Community Composting Program

Interested in being more eco-friendly and helping renew your organic waste to help benefit the community? Renüable is a local composting service that picks up your organic waste for a fee to help replenish the soil in our communities. Learn more here.


Email if you’d like to collaborate in an upcoming project/grant application(s).

Community Action Planning Support

Getting to and going beyond PSEs: This virtual module provides action-oriented information about the application of Collective Impact approaches and the Results-Based and Policy, Systems, and Environmental Changes (PSEs) frameworks through the 8-Steps to Build a Successful Community Action Plan Process of UHP.

Partner Resources

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program – University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Healthy Eating Resources & Opportunities – American Heart Association

•  Order Fresh Produce for Pick-Up – Dania Beach PATCH

Complete the Partner Database Form: Complete this form to provide more information about your organization and share any pertinent resources.

Tell us about an upcoming event, activity, or opportunity! Complete this form here.

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Have questions, comments, or want to learn more about the South Broward Community Health Hub?

Please contact:Arely B. Lozano Cantu, Health & Community Development Manager, Urban Health Partnerships


Phone: (954) 594-3509

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